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Avoid all cloud computing complexities  by outsourcing the work to experienced third-parties while still benefiting from reduced IT costs, automated updates, and load balancing.

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What Are Cloud Managed Services?

CMS are third-party services that improve business operations using the cloud. These services manage cloud infrastructure, software, and platform activities, providing businesses with the expertise they need in cloud integration, security, and overall management.

Benefits of Using CMS:

  • Improved Security And Compliance by Regularly Applying Updates.

  • Easily Adjust Assets to Meet Demand  Without Requiring Significant Upfront Payments. 

  • Spreads Work Across Resources to Ensure Smooth Performance at High-Traffic Times

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Cloud Managed Services Overview

Cloud Managed Services (CMS) involve outsourcing the management of cloud infrastructure and services to third-party providers. It's the responsibility of these providers oversee tasks such as monitoring, maintenance, security, and optimization of cloud resources on behalf of businesses.

By collaborating with experienced cloud providers (like us), organizations can focus on their core activities while still benefiting from the improved cloud scalability and reduced IT costs. This service allows businesses to use advanced cloud technologies to their fullest potential without the need for in-house expertise, helping them to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Use Cases

  • Multi-Cloud Environment Management:

    • Cloud Managed Services make it easier to manage different cloud platforms by providing one easy-to-use interface, reduces complexity and offers businesses more options when handling different setups.
  • Software Updates and Maintenance:

    • Service providers regularly release updates and patches to improve performance, security, and functionality, allowing businesses to easily deploy these updates across their infrastructure to stay up-to-date and secure.   

  • Load Balancing And Improved Performance:

    • CMS evenly distributes workloads across servers and resources, ensuring that no single server gets overwhelmed with work. Distributing workloads evenly maintains peak application performance and improves user experience, particularly during high-traffic times.

  • Automated Management:

    • Cloud Managed Services automate many manual tasks involved in managing content and digital assets, minimizing the need for human intervention.



Software Maintenance And Updates: Better security and compliance by quickly applying updates and patches across infrastructure, keeping your system safe and up-to-date.

Easier Management For Multiple Platforms:  Improved flexibility and scalability for adapting to different cloud platforms, making management easier and more efficient. 


Multiple Platforms

Load Balancing And Improved Performance: Optimal resource usage and cost savings by spreading workloads evenly, ensuring smooth performance even during busy times.

Balancing Workload

Automated Tasks And Management: Increased task efficiency by automating routine operations such as resource scaling and creating system back ups , reducing man-made errors and freeing up time for development.

Automated Management

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