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Smart air quality sensors detect pollutants and allergens real-time, allowing you to take quick action, leading to a healthier lifestyle and a better overall well-being. 

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What Are Smart Air Quality Solutions?

Smart air quality solutions monitor pollutants, offering significant health and environmental benefits through the use of climate sensors that adhere to WMO standards.

Benefits of Using Air Quality Solutions:

  • Reduced Health Care Expenses by Minimizing Pollution-Related Diseases.

  • Support for Cities in Achieving Climate Goals by Tracking Greenhouse Gases.

  • Provides Accurate Emissions Monitoring.

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Air Quality Solution Overview

Air is one of the most important aspects of your health; you literally cannot live for more than 5 minutes without it! However, as the population grows and more people move into cities, air pollution is becoming a more serious problem. The increasing number of vehicles, industrial emissions, and construction are major contributors, releasing high amounts of particulate matter, carbon dioxide, and many other harmful pollutants.

Clever Platform offers a solution to this problem, by providing air quality and climate sensors that meet World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards, These sensors help quickly identify air quality problems,  allowing quick action which can significantly reduce the effects of air pollution.

Use Cases


    • Residential Areas:

      • Smart air quality sensors in a residential area detected high pollen levels, leading to timely alerts for residents. This reduced allergy and respiratory issues, especially during high-pollen seasons.

    • Industrial Sectors:

      • In an industrial area, air quality monitors found high levels of sulfur dioxide and other harmful chemicals. This led to the enforcement of stricter emission standards for factories. As a result, there was a significant reduction in air pollution-related health issues, such as asthma, in the surrounding communities.

    • Traffic and City Centers:

      • High levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides from traffic were detected by sensors in urban centers. This data informed traffic rerouting and the creation of low-emission zones, resulting in better air quality and a reduction in respiratory infections. 

    • Educational Institutions and Public Spaces:

      • Monitors at a school found fluctuating particulate matter levels, leading to better scheduling of outdoor activities. This resulted in improved respiratory health and higher attendance among students.


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    Less Health Care Expenses: Air quality sensors paired with immediate action could lower medical expenses by up to 30% due to there being lower pollution-related diseases.

    Helping  in Climate Goals: Smart air sensors can track greenhouse gases, supporting cities' efforts to meet climate targets and reduce carbon effects.

    Greener and Cleaner Cities: Data on air quality can assist city planners in developing greener and healthier spaces, like selecting the best locations for parks and residential areas.

    Regulatory Compliance: Smart air sensors make it easy for industries to monitor their emissions accurately, increasing compliance with environmental regulations.

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