Smarter Waste Management 
For Cleaner Cities

Made to handle disposal tasks as efficiently as possible, smart waste management keeps your city clean and improves overall public health creating a safer and more sustainable environment.

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What is Smart Waste Management?

Smart waste management uses sensors and data analytics to optimize waste collection routes and schedules. It also integrates advanced sorting technologies for recycling, significantly reducing the environmental impact of waste.

Benefits of Using Smart Waste Management:

  • Improves Air Quality by Quickly and Efficiently Managing Waste.

  • Lowers Recycling Costs, Making Sustainability Easier to Achieve.

  • Optimizes Collection Routes, Saving Time, Fuel, And Emission.

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Waste Management Overview

Waste, if not handled correctly, can be harmful and dangerous to both humans and animals. It leads to pollution, environmental damage, and health risks like cholera and dysentery, it can even accelerate climate change with greenhouse gases.

At Clever Platform, we believe in  'smart' waste management strategies. Our approach isn't just about disposal; it's about ensuring cities and citizens are protected from the dire consequences of poor waste management.

Use Cases

  • Residential and Commercial Areas:

    • Implementing smart waste collection systems that optimize pick-up schedules and routes, reducing overflow and increasing efficiency in densely populated zones.

  • Public Spaces and Parks: 

    • Placing sensors inside of bins to monitor waste levels, ensures good timing the collection and maintaining cleanliness in areas of high public use.

  • Recycling and Sorting Facilities: 

    • Using technologies to improve the sorting and recycling processes, increasing the overall recycling rate and reducing landfill waste.

  • Hazardous Waste Management: 

    • Specialized handling and disposal of hazardous materials, to ensure public safety and compliance with environmental regulations.


Air Quality Through Waste ManagementGetting rid of harmful waste quickly can lead to cleaner air in that region, especially when paired with our smart air quality solution. As this provides a comprehensive solution for overall environmental well-being.  

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Reduced Recycling Costs: Smart waste management reduces recycling costs by 20-30% on average. Turning recycling into a cheaper and much more convenient option.

Optimized Collection Routes: Data-driven collection routes from smart waste management systems can cut operational while also saving time, fuel, and emissions.

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