Illuminating With Adaptive Lighting 

A cost-effective, infrastructure friendly, and adaptive lighting system that can be used anywhere to turn your city into a safer and more well-lit environment. 

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What is Smart Street Lighting?

Smart street lighting uses technologies such as remote control and LED to improve city lighting, making it more energy-efficient and responsive to real-time conditions.

Benefits of Smart Lighting:

  • Decreases Crimes During Nighttime Through its Brighter, More Effective Lighting.

  • Reduces Energy Consumption With LED Technology.

  • Uses LED Technology That Lasts 25 Times Longer Than Conventional Lighting.

  • Supports Future Tech Integration Confirming that the Technology Doesn't Get Outdated. 

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Smart Street Light Overview

Smart street lighting is known to be one of the most important smart city use cases because of its ability to easily blend with infrastructure and adapt to real-time conditions, saving energy and lowering overall maintenance costs. It also offers safety benefits such as deterring crime rate and improving awareness due to it's well-lit environments.

In many cases smart lighting is also considered to be the primary enabler for many other smart city use cases like surveillance systems, noise monitoring, and wireless signal repeaters making each future innovation easier to implement. 

Use Cases


  • Energy Efficiency:

    • Unlike incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, smart lighting primary uses LED(light emitting diode) technology. LEDs consumes 75% less energy than conventional lighting while lasting 25 times longer along with some additional features like auto dimming and scheduled control.

  • Public Security & Safety:

    • using bright and adaptive lighting ensure areas are well-lit during nighttime and will reduce concealment for potential offenders. Increasing perception of safety and keeping nights safe for residents to stroll in.

  •  Increased EV Charging Spots:

    • Smart street lamps can be used as EV charging spots and with that comes the opportunity for an additional revenue stream with dynamic pricing while avoiding infrastructure clutter, and making EV charging more convenient.

  • Mobile Broadband Connectivity:

    • Intelligent lighting can connect to high-speed mobile networks like 4G or 5G allowing several new features such as real-time data exchange, remote control, and smooth integration with other smart city applications.


Public safety

Enhanced Public Safety: Improving illumination in streets and public areas can reduce crime rate particularly for offenses like assault or robbery during nighttime.

Energy Efficiency: Upgrading lighting from old run down systems to new smart LED ones decreases energy waste while still providing even better lighting.

Improve efficiency

Operational and Maintenance Costs: Smart lighting can save up to 30% on maintenance from the extended lamp life and 10% on inventory management and logistics due to them allowing management across large areas from a single point.

Future-Proof Lighting: as technology advances you don't have to worry about you city being left behind. smart lighting is allows for upgrades and easier integration with new technologies ensuring that it will always keep up.

Operations and maintenance
Future proof lights

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